PandroidWiz is a free Android app. that controls the low cost Merlin/Orion astro-telescope mount to turn it into a robotic panoramic photography head. The Merlin/Orion mount is also marketed by Kolor under the Panogear brand name. 

PandroidWiz aims to deliver the core functionality of the long established Papywizard, an Open Source Python program, for Android devices which are not supported by Papywizard.

PandroidWiz uses Papywizard-compatible Preset files to define shooting patterns.

PandroidWiz creates Papywizard-compatible data files that record the yaw and pitch co-ordinates of all the images taken when shooting a panorama. These data files can later be used with Kolor's Autopano Pro and AutoPano Giga, and the PTGui panorama stitching software to assist the placement of 'featureless' images that would otherwise get left out of the stitch.