PandroidWiz & Presets manual
This document was written for people wishing to use PandroidWiz who may have no previous experience with Papywizard, so many PandroidWiz beta testers may feel they 'know all that' already.

One major difference for experienced Papywizard users now planning to try PandroidWiz is that, unlike Papywizard, PandroidWiz currently uses presets for all types of pano shooting, Sphericals and Mosaics; by design there is no built-in shooting pattern generator at all. So it's essential that PandroidWiz users grasp the concept of Presets quickly and are able to create their own easily.

Experienced Papywizard users will readily grasp the idea of using Papywizard in simulation mode, and the on-line Data-to-Preset convertor, to generate Mosaic presets for use with PandroidWiz.

The document describes various types of presets and offers links to some existing preset generators.
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